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Introducing: The 2023 Marie Claire Skin Awards

Over the past few months, our beauty team, along with seven board-certified dermatologists,
have tested hundreds of products. Here’s what came out on top.
Article By: Samantha Holender, Deena Campbell

Your Guide to Summer 2023's Color Trends

From the neutrals of quiet luxury to highly-saturated statements.
Article By: Emma Childs

The Age-Old Allure of Quiet Luxury

Why quality closet classics always have—and always will—endure.
Article By: Emma Childs 

The Great Puff-ining: Why Is Fashion Inflating in 2023?

From Prada to Loewe to Bottega, every It brand is padding it on.
Article By: Emma Childs

I Get My Own Blood Injected Into My Scalp

I have premature androgenic alopecia and do it
in the name of hair growth.
Article By: Samantha Holender

Could EMDR Be the Key to Treating Reproductive Health Trauma?

The lesser-known mental health treatment is helping women deal with postpartum
depression, anxiety, and other perinatal mood disorders.
Article By: Lorena O'Neil

2023's Digital Lavender Trend Is Taking Over

Barbiecore got a "Lavender Haze"-inspired makeover.
Article By: Julia Marzovilla